Clown in the Castle

by Agent 13



It’s a sad day .. What’s going on
Brother Fighting Fake news is the cause
The worlds rich are going to be fine
While all the rest are destined for the mines

Twist the facts, repeat all the lies
The faithful will goose step into line
I’m scared for all our futures
While Sabers rattle and missiles fuel

The Clown Sits in his Castle, puppet Master sits in Shadows

Stand firm and push back harder Its our only Chance

Stand Firm and push Back Harder

Paranoia feeds the fires
Build a wall to keep out strangers
If your Brown You must be an enemy
The Clown Panders to the crowd
Puppet Master whispers secrets
Stirring Hate pushing evil agenda’s
True believers think he’s great
All I see is our pending downfall

The Man Child throws a fit
Because we don’t believe his stick
In his mind he is the paramount
In reality he’s just a tragedy


released April 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Agent 13 Fort Myers, Florida

Agent 13 is a four-piece rock and roll band from Fort Myers, Florida, whose influences reach far beyond the swamps and shores they call home. Combining the punk ethos of first wave alternative rock with 60's pop sensibility, Agent 13 draws from the sonic blueprint of the past to create a unique sound that must be heard rather than explained. ... more

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